Construction in a Floodplain

The Moore Group is currently obtaining variances and permits for Construction in a Floodplain for a residential project. Our client owns property that is in a floodplain, and the client wishes to construct improvements to the property. City code normally does not allow for construction in a floodplain, so we are obtaining a variance to allow the construction to proceed. In order to obtain the variance, we are engineering the project in specific ways that meet city requirements. The city desires Read more […]

Ed Moore, P.E. – Expert Witness

Mr. Moore has provided expert witness services in lawsuits involving Land Development, Storm Water Drainage, Flooding, Utility District Engineering and Marinas.  He has represented both plaintiffs and defendants.  His ability to clearly communicate engineering concepts both verbally and in writing has made him a successful expert witness. He is a professional civil and environmental engineer with over 30 years of experience.  He has supervised the planning, design and construction of hundreds Read more […]

Land Development Engineering for Residential Development on Lake Travis

The Austin Real Estate market continues to improve.  As evidence of the improvement, The Moore Group has been retained to provide land development services, including land planning, land development engineering, surveying, and construction administration for a new residential development on Lake Travis just west of Austin.  We are preparing the site plan for this development. L There is no sewage collection system in the area, so the land plan includes on-site sewage treatment.  The treated effluent Read more […]

Site Development Engineering & Planning for a Wedding Event Facility

The Moore Group has been retained to provide planning and site development engineering for a wedding event facility in the Texas Hill Country, northwest of Austin.    The project will include 26 stand alone houses and an event center.  The buildings will all be designed to take advantage of passive solar heating and cooling. The buildings will be designed utilizing innovative insulation techniques and will provide natural air movement through the building by the use of carefully located Read more […]

New Office Development in Northwest Austin

The Moore Group has recently been retained to do land planning and prepare a Site Development Permit Application for a new office development off Research Boulevard in northwest Austin. The project is in the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone, so a Water Pollution Abatement Plan has also been prepared and submitted to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).  An innovative Water Quality Pond has been designed to take advantage of the terrain surrounding the proposed building. This Read more […]

Foundation Care Tips- Simple ways to help keep you level

All homeowners dread the day when they will need to have their foundation repaired, but did you know that there are ways to prevent foundation problems? It’s actually not all that difficult either. Save some money and put-off the day when you’ll have to repair your unlevel home. Before you know how care for your foundation, you need to understand why foundation problems occur in the first place. Foundation problems are generally caused by water developing in uneven amounts under the foundation Read more […]

Get the Most out of Your Civil Engineer

When you start a business or even add a new branch to your existing business, you have a lot to think about and a cornucopia of decisions to make. How will you find key employees? Who will be your Clients and how will you find them? You also have to answer mundane questions such as “Which light bulb should you use since there are going to be thousands of them in the building?” Or, when you create the website for your new company, what font should you use on the menus? Forest green or Kelly Read more […]