Expert Witness | Civil Engineering

If you are in need a professional engineer’s opinion for legal matters, TMG may be able to help.

The Moore Group’s professional engineers have experience providing expert witness services for a variety of matters. Based upon information provided by the client, TMG’s engineers will provide an engineer’s opinion in the form of a formal report. This report is written to be viewed by parties from both sides of the legal proceedings. Often this report is conclusive enough to end the case immediately in settlement. Many of TMG’s clients have acquired favorable settlements with the help of its expert witness services.

As this service is founded only upon the professional reputation of the engineer of record, and for ethical reasons, TMG concerns itself very seriously with the ability to provide a well-corroborated opinion based on sound science and well-established industry standards. For this reason, TMG requires that adequate information is made available to the engineer to form a sound opinion.  If the engineer of record deems all readily available information inadequate to provide a sound engineer’s opinion, TMG withholds the right to require further investigation. This may require additional surveys, drainage calculations and investigation, floodplain delineation, research as it pertains to utility providers, among other things.


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