Engineering Surveying and Planning

Land Development Engineering and Surveying

The Moore Group has developed thousands of acres of land for many clients. TMG  plans the development, processes zoning applications, surveys and set lot pins, prepares subdivision plats, design the improvements, prepare construction plans, obtain the approvals and entitlements, prepare construction contracts, conduct bidding, assist the client with contractor selection, manage the construction, and provide turn-key services to manage the entire development. Our in-house survey company is available to layout the improvements and set property corners.

Site Work Engineering and Commercial Site Development

We have engineered the sitework for many projects, including commercial development, multi-family, industrial, municipal, offices, schools and churches.

Land Planning

We have planned thousands of acres of residential and commercial development. We draw the proposed improvements, including streets, lots, buildings, ponds, drainage, utilities and landscaping.
We optimize the use of the land according to the best and highest use, and of course, according to the desires of our Clients.

Utility Design

We have designed and permitted utility facilities including water plants and wastewater treatment plants. We have also designed large utility mains that extend for miles to serve new development. Our in-house survey company is available to survey the alignment for our utility design. We have experience in obtaining permits for major utility construction.

Municipal Utility District (MUD) Engineering

We have created MUD’s and WCID’s for our Clients. We also act as the engineer for the District after it is created. We have assembled a team including an attorney, financial advisor and market analyst to provide a complete application and petition for creation of a District. We are also knowledgeable about the special requirements for District creation, including providing for the on-site residents and creation elections. We know how to document the entire process so our clients obtain reimbursement for their investment.

Drainage and Floodplain Engineering

We are experts at Drainage Engineering. We design drainage improvements for all types of drainage, from small ditches, to large culverts and storm pipes. We provide grading plans that control runoff and drainage.
We also can determine the floodplain of creeks and rivers. We have prepared FEMA floodplain alteration documents that have allowed our Clients to proceed with development of waterfront property.
We recently provided services for a waterfront project on the Guadalupe River that included modifications to the FEMA floodplain.
We have experience with the flood conditions of the Upper Highland Lakes, including Lake Travis. We have permitted numerous lakefront projects on Lake Travis. We have processed Dredge and Fill permits though the LCRA.


ATX Survey Company is our in-house survey company. ATX Survey Company combines traditional customer service with cutting edge technology to provide the best surveying services available at a fair price. Our surveyors have over 50 years of combined experience. We work all over Central Texas from Austin south to San Antonio and north to Waco. We have worked in virtually every municipality and county in Central Texas.

Expert Witness Services

Our Principal Engineer, Ed Moore, has acted as an expert witness on numerous cases. Ed recently prepared an engineer’s report on a case involving damage to a marina. The lead attorney on the case said that Ed’s report provided for favorable settlement of the case. Ed also has acted as an expert witness for cases involving Drainage.