Construction Surveying, including a Form Survey when Building a Foundation for a Home or Commercial Building

If you are in the process of planning a new home, one thing to keep in mind is that you will want to have a surveyor layout the locations for the form-work that is used to build the foundation of your home. Why is it important to have a surveyor locate your new foundation? because you want to make sure the foundation is built where your architect intended. Construction Surveying is important because structures must be built in exactly the right place.  Your lot may have set-backs or easements that no structure is allowed to encroach into. If your house gets built in an easement or a building setback, you may even have to tear down the house!

Even worse, if you are not sure where the property line is, you could build a structure on the wrong property. It sounds unlikely, but it has happened before. Surveyors can research the deed or plat of your property, find the setbacks and easements, and confirm that you are building within the correct building envelope. As part of the Construction Surveying work, the surveyor will also set the locations for the building so that they match the plans for your home or commercial building.

Surveyors also layout the locations of roads and utilities prior to to construction.  Construction Surveying includes setting “blue-tops”, which are special stakes that establish the final grade elevation when a contractor is grading a property.  As the contractor grades the area near the blue-top, he exposes the blue fibers at the top of the stake, and he knows he is at the proper grade.

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