The Summit at Lake Travis

The Moore Group planned, designed and permitted “The Summit at Lake Travis”, a single family development near Austin with spectacular views of Lake Travis. Design work included a new water plant approved by TCEQ as part of the Inverness Point Water System. These photos show construction underway at the project.

A road in “The Summit at Lake Travis” with a view of Lake Travis in the background.

The water storage tank that will provide water to the residents of The Summit at Lake Travis.


The water plant under construction.


Construction in a Floodplain

The Moore Group is currently obtaining variances and permits for Construction in a Floodplain for a residential project. Our client owns property that is in a floodplain, and the client wishes to construct improvements to the property. City code normally does not allow for construction in a floodplain, so we are obtaining a variance to allow the construction to proceed.

In order to obtain the variance, we are engineering the project in specific ways that meet city requirements. The city desires to maintain the current stormwater volume within the floodplain. Our proposed construction will use some of the floodplain volume. In order to balance the floodplain volume, we are removing an unneeded structure from the property. We have prepared calculations that show that there is a net increase in floodplain volume as a result of the project.

We are preparing construction plans to raise the foundation of the existing structure and proposed addition to an elevation above the floodplain elevation. Our surveyors will prepare a drainage easement to contain the floodplain. The easement will exclude the building footprint, effectively removing the structure from the floodplain.

We will represent our client at a public hearing before the city council to request the variance. At the public hearing, we will provide justification for the council to grant the variance. We expect to have city staff support for granting the variance. With the support of city staff, there is a good chance the variance will be granted.

Ed Moore, P.E. – Expert Witness

Mr. Moore has provided expert witness services in lawsuits involving Land Development, Storm Water Drainage, Flooding, Utility District Engineering and Marinas.  He has represented both plaintiffs and defendants.  His ability to clearly communicate engineering concepts both verbally and in writing has made him a successful expert witness.

He is a professional civil and environmental engineer with over 30 years of experience.  He has supervised the planning, design and construction of hundreds of projects involving all branches of civil and environmental engineering.   Some areas of expertise include:

  • Streets,
  • Drainage,
  • Marinas,
  • Water Supply,
  • Wastewater Collection,
  • Water Treatment,
  • Wastewater Treatment,
  • Water Wells,
  • Stormwater Quality Practices,
  • Stormwater Pollution Control Practices,
  • Erosion and Sedimentation Control Practices,
  • Revegetation,
  • Development using Municipal Utility Districts,
  • Construction Management, and
  • Construction Contracts.

In addition to his Land Development experience, Mr. Moore has extensive experience in Marina Engineering, and has acted as an expert witness in cases involving Marinas.    Mr. Moore has a B.S. Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Memphis and is a Registered Professional Engineer in Texas.


Construction Surveying, including a Form Survey when Building a Foundation for a Home or Commercial Building

If you are in the process of planning a new home, one thing to keep in mind is that you will want to have a surveyor layout the locations for the form-work that is used to build the foundation of your home. Why is it important to have a surveyor locate your new foundation? because you want to make sure the foundation is built where your architect intended. Construction Surveying is important because structures must be built in exactly the right place.  Your lot may have set-backs or easements that no structure is allowed to encroach into. If your house gets built in an easement or a building setback, you may even have to tear down the house!

Even worse, if you are not sure where the property line is, you could build a structure on the wrong property. It sounds unlikely, but it has happened before. Surveyors can research the deed or plat of your property, find the setbacks and easements, and confirm that you are building within the correct building envelope. As part of the Construction Surveying work, the surveyor will also set the locations for the building so that they match the plans for your home or commercial building.

Surveyors also layout the locations of roads and utilities prior to to construction.  Construction Surveying includes setting “blue-tops”, which are special stakes that establish the final grade elevation when a contractor is grading a property.  As the contractor grades the area near the blue-top, he exposes the blue fibers at the top of the stake, and he knows he is at the proper grade.

If you have any questions about construction surveying, feel free to call us at The Moore Group!

Land Development Engineering for Residential Development on Lake Travis

The Austin Real Estate market continues to improve.  As evidence of the improvement, The Moore Group has been retained to provide land development services, including land planning, land development engineering, surveying, and construction administration for a new residential development on Lake Travis just west of Austin.  We are preparing the site plan for this development. L There is no sewage collection system in the area, so the land plan includes on-site sewage treatment.  The treated effluent will be used onsite to irrigate landscaping.

We are also designing an innovative storm water treatment facility.  The water quality pond system will use ponds in series and vegetative measures to remove pollutants from stormwater.  Grassy swales will convey storm water from rooftops to the water quality ponds, which are also called “Best Management Practices” or “BMP’s”.

The roads in the development will be private drives.  the use of private drives allows us more flexibility in laying out the land plan.  The building sites are carfully chosen to optimize the views of Lake Travis.

If you are contemplating a development in Austin or anywhere in Texas, give us a call.  We enjoy discussing new projects, and we can offer you some free advice as you select your project site.

A Title Survey is Needed for Conveyance of Property

When you buy a house or other property, including commercial property, and you get a mortgage, the lender will require you to get a Title Survey.  The Title Survey shows if there are any easements or encumbrances that affect the property.  The Title Survey includes a Boundary Survey.  If there are any encroachments onto the boundary of the property, they will show up on the survey.  This protects the buyer and the lender against issues that could arise due to encroachments or easements.  Typically, the Title Survey also shows building setbacks and the improements on the property, including structures such as houses.
The Moore Group provides all types of surveys, including Title Surveys, Boundary Surveys, Tree Surveys and Topographic Surveys.

Site Development Engineering & Planning for a Wedding Event Facility

The Moore Group has been retained to provide planning and site development engineering for a wedding event facility in the Texas Hill Country, northwest of Austin.   

The project will include 26 stand alone houses and an event center.  The buildings will all be designed to take advantage of passive solar heating and cooling. The buildings will be designed utilizing innovative insulation techniques and will provide natural air movement through the building by the use of carefully located vents. 

The Moore Group will design water amenities and water quality controls that work together to provide function and beauty.  Site runoff will be collected and used to irrigate the on-site landscaping.   

We will also design a Fire Protection system that will include a water storage tank and pump system.  This is needed because the facility will be located where the existing water system is only capable of providing domestic water service.  

The Moore Group will provide site development permitting for this project through a local municipality and Travis County. 

We will post more about this project as it proceeds and is permitted for construction.  

New Office Development in Northwest Austin

The Moore Group has recently been retained to do land planning and prepare a Site Development Permit Application for a new office development off Research Boulevard in northwest Austin.

The project is in the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone, so a Water Pollution Abatement Plan has also been prepared and submitted to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).  An innovative Water Quality Pond has been designed to take advantage of the terrain surrounding the proposed building.

This is an “infill” project in an area that is mostly already developed, so there were challenges regarding the means of handling the offsite drainage coming from the existing developed properties.  We were able to design a combination of diversion structures and detention that meets all requirements.

We certainly are excited about the resurgence of the Austin Real Estate Market.   Onward, into 2013!

The Moore Group Obtains Approval of an Environmental Variance

The Moore Group is providing full engineering and surveying services for a proposed Mini-Storage Center on Bee Caves Road in southwest Austin.  The project is called Affordable Climate Controlled Storage.

In the course of obtaining the site development permit through the City of Austin and Travis county, it became apparent that the City of Austin criteria for deduction of allowable impervious cover for the perimeter roadway was an impediment to the project.

The owner retained The Moore Group to process a Variance Request to eliminate the deduction of impervious cover from the project due to the perimeter roadway.  The perimeter roadway deduction is a part of the City of Austin code that reduces the allowable amount of construction (impervious cover) on a project in order to account for adjacent roadway pavement that does not have water quality treatment in place.  For this project, the amount of the deduction for the perimeter roadway was huge because of the wide pavement of Bee Caves Road.

The staff at The Moore Group met with City of Austin staff to discuss the variance request.  Working with city staff, we came up with an environmental engineering solution that made sense.  A creative solution was determined to enhance the proposed on-site water quality facilities.  The City staff supported the solution offered by The Moore Group, and offered to take the variance request to the Environmental Board with staff support.

The Moore Group represented the Owner before the Environmental Board.  The Board heard the justification for the variance, which included a creative water quality control as designed by the environmental engineers at The Moore Group.  The Environmental Board approved the variance unanimously.

Choose a Consultant, not just an Engineer

We at TMG are Development Consultants as well as engineers. We do much more than prepare drawings of your improvements. We act as your consultant for land planning and find the highest, best use for your property. We know the local authorities who will give approval to your project. We represent you at public hearings before Boards and Commissions. We are your advocate with review staff and inspectors. We prepare construction contracts, conduct bidding and provide Construction administration. We aggressively pursue the success of your project in all phases.

You need an engineer who knows the people who grant the entitlements and permits and is familiar with the local rules for development. Relationships with everyone from review staff to members of Boards and Commissions can make your project more successful. TMG has been consulting on development projects in Austin and Central Texas for nearly 30 years. We know the people who make the regulatory decisions, and we have good relationships with them. We also know the rules for development, and how to use them for your best advantage.

When you are expanding your business facilities or building a new facility, it is important to choose a consultant who has planned and permitted site plans for businesses in the past. TMG has provided turn-key services for commercial development on all types of projects, including retail, restaurants, offices, warehouses, condos and multi-family residential.

Your development consultant needs to determine project issues at the beginning of a project, not when you are in the middle of the project. Finding out about a problem in the middle of a project can cost you money. If you know about the project issues to begin with, they can be planned for and the cost can be reduced. We at TMG make it part of every project to assess the potential project problems or issues prior to beginning design work. We report these issues to our clients so that an informed decision can be made on how to proceed.