Choose a Consultant, not just an Engineer

We at TMG are Development Consultants as well as engineers. We do much more than prepare drawings of your improvements. We act as your consultant for land planning and find the highest, best use for your property. We know the local authorities who will give approval to your project. We represent you at public hearings before Boards and Commissions. We are your advocate with review staff and inspectors. We prepare construction contracts, conduct bidding and provide Construction administration. We aggressively pursue the success of your project in all phases.

You need an engineer who knows the people who grant the entitlements and permits and is familiar with the local rules for development. Relationships with everyone from review staff to members of Boards and Commissions can make your project more successful. TMG has been consulting on development projects in Austin and Central Texas for nearly 30 years. We know the people who make the regulatory decisions, and we have good relationships with them. We also know the rules for development, and how to use them for your best advantage.

When you are expanding your business facilities or building a new facility, it is important to choose a consultant who has planned and permitted site plans for businesses in the past. TMG has provided turn-key services for commercial development on all types of projects, including retail, restaurants, offices, warehouses, condos and multi-family residential.

Your development consultant needs to determine project issues at the beginning of a project, not when you are in the middle of the project. Finding out about a problem in the middle of a project can cost you money. If you know about the project issues to begin with, they can be planned for and the cost can be reduced. We at TMG make it part of every project to assess the potential project problems or issues prior to beginning design work. We report these issues to our clients so that an informed decision can be made on how to proceed.