Foundation Care Tips- Simple ways to help keep you level

All homeowners dread the day when they will need to have their foundation repaired, but did you know that there are ways to prevent foundation problems? It’s actually not all that difficult either. Save some money and put-off the day when you’ll have to repair your unlevel home.

Before you know how care for your foundation, you need to understand why foundation problems occur in the first place. Foundation problems are generally caused by water developing in uneven amounts under the foundation structure. Changes in the moisture levels of the soil can cause it to shrink when dry and expand when wet causing the house to move up and down. When this change in moisture is uneven, the house can become damaged, twisted or strained.

The key is to keep the moisture levels under the house consistent. Here are some ways you can keep your moisture consistent and your house level:

  1. Get rid of standing water. This can be caused by gutters and down spouts when they aren’t directed away from the house by a splash block. Even those of us in the dry state of Texas have to worry about this from time to time.
  2. Water your house. When you water your lawn and garden, make sure to water the area around your house evenly. This requires balance. During our hot Texas dry seasons, we have to soak the perimeter of our homes thoroughly without over-watering. However, keep in mind that certain areas of your perimeter will need more water than others. This is often because the area is more exposed to the sun.
  3. Lawn Care! A healthy lawn is vital to preventing evaporation of water from the soil and can help to keep consistent moisture levels in the winter.
  4. Keep trees away from the house. The general rule is to plant them as far away as they are tall (or as tall as they are expected to grow). Trees have extensive root systems that need a lot of water. They absorb large amounts of water from the soil which can make the area around the tree dryer. If you already have a tree that is too close to the house, try and keep it pruned. This will keep it from growing excessively and interfering with your home’s moisture consistency levels.

Foundation maintenance can keep you from having to make costly repairs. If you have any questions about foundation care or know you may need some foundation help, call us at The Moore Group. We’ll answer your questions and engineer a new foundation if needed.