Land Development Engineering for Residential Development on Lake Travis

The Austin Real Estate market continues to improve.  As evidence of the improvement, The Moore Group has been retained to provide land development services, including land planning, land development engineering, surveying, and construction administration for a new residential development on Lake Travis just west of Austin.  We are preparing the site plan for this development. L There is no sewage collection system in the area, so the land plan includes on-site sewage treatment.  The treated effluent will be used onsite to irrigate landscaping.

We are also designing an innovative storm water treatment facility.  The water quality pond system will use ponds in series and vegetative measures to remove pollutants from stormwater.  Grassy swales will convey storm water from rooftops to the water quality ponds, which are also called “Best Management Practices” or “BMP’s”.

The roads in the development will be private drives.  the use of private drives allows us more flexibility in laying out the land plan.  The building sites are carfully chosen to optimize the views of Lake Travis.

If you are contemplating a development in Austin or anywhere in Texas, give us a call.  We enjoy discussing new projects, and we can offer you some free advice as you select your project site.