Team TMG

These are the members of team TMG:

Ed Moore, P.E., President


Ed Moore has been the owner and Principal Engineer here at The Moore Group since the company started in 1999. He gets involved in everything, from design to entitlements to representation of clients at Boards, Commissions and Council. He also takes the lead with the municipalities we work with. He loves the wide variety of projects we do and the interesting people he meets along the way. Ed got his BS in Civil Engineering at the University of Memphis, then did graduate work at the University of Texas. He had a construction business for a while and learned a lot while working in construction. He then got into engineering consulting. Ed worked for a couple of large firms before he went into business in 1995 with a partner.  In 1999, Ed started The Moore Group, and we have been providing engineering, planning and surveying ever since!

Michael Moore, P.E., Engineering Manager


After receiving a bachelor’s in civil engineering from New Mexico State University, Michael Moore started working with The Moore Group in June of 2006. He works as a superb engineering designer and project manager for a variety of projects including commercial site development, utility design, subdivision construction plans and central Texas governing authority permitting. His favorite part of working with TMG is the variety of civil engineering projects that we work with. One day we will be working to design a new residential subdivision and the next day we will be doing detailed design work for a tightly packed commercial site where space is at a premium. With all of the different Civil Engineering services that we provide, it helps that the core members of the company have worked together long enough to make our projects run smoothly from beginning to end. He has been married to his wife, Crystal, for more than three years now and in his spare time he enjoys fishing, hunting, camping, cooking, reading and watching sports.

Jack Tobin, R.P.L.S., Survey Manager


Jack Tobin has been working with The Moore Group since September of 2007 as our in house land surveyor. He enjoys seeing the projects he works on go from start to finished as built surveys. He has been a registered surveyor for over 20 years. As an experienced land surveyor, he takes and documents the measurements of the land we work with and determines the boundaries. He’s been an Austinite since 1980 and in his spare time loves to travel all over Texas. He’s also an exceptional dominoes and Trivial pursuit player.

Shelby Walker, Marketing Director


Shelby Walker is a recent addition to TMG and so far she loves working here. She is passionate about marketing and has enjoyed learning the fundamentals of civil engineering. Shelby takes pride in keeping up with latest trends in internet marketing and social media. She believes that technology should be used to make companies more personal, not less. Shelby is a born and raised Texan, but a fairly new Austinite. In her free time she loves exploring all that this wonderful city has to offer.

Fletcher Edington, Project Account Assistant 


Fletcher Edington manages some accounts and handles the foundation inspection services for The Moore Group. He also manages the IT for the office. He has lived in many parts of the Southeast, but now makes his home in Austin. Fletcher is finishing up a Computer Science degree at the University of Texas and when not in the office enjoys reading, watching movies, and playing a variety of sports.

Gabe Tobin, E.I.T., Engineering & Survey Technician


Gabe Tobin has a degree in Engineering fromTexasTechUniversity and has been working with The Moore Group for five years.  Gabe wears many hats at The Moore Group, doing everything from CAD work to Field work.  He provides support to many of the projects at our office.