The Moore Group Obtains Approval of an Environmental Variance

The Moore Group is providing full engineering and surveying services for a proposed Mini-Storage Center on Bee Caves Road in southwest Austin.  The project is called Affordable Climate Controlled Storage.

In the course of obtaining the site development permit through the City of Austin and Travis county, it became apparent that the City of Austin criteria for deduction of allowable impervious cover for the perimeter roadway was an impediment to the project.

The owner retained The Moore Group to process a Variance Request to eliminate the deduction of impervious cover from the project due to the perimeter roadway.  The perimeter roadway deduction is a part of the City of Austin code that reduces the allowable amount of construction (impervious cover) on a project in order to account for adjacent roadway pavement that does not have water quality treatment in place.  For this project, the amount of the deduction for the perimeter roadway was huge because of the wide pavement of Bee Caves Road.

The staff at The Moore Group met with City of Austin staff to discuss the variance request.  Working with city staff, we came up with an environmental engineering solution that made sense.  A creative solution was determined to enhance the proposed on-site water quality facilities.  The City staff supported the solution offered by The Moore Group, and offered to take the variance request to the Environmental Board with staff support.

The Moore Group represented the Owner before the Environmental Board.  The Board heard the justification for the variance, which included a creative water quality control as designed by the environmental engineers at The Moore Group.  The Environmental Board approved the variance unanimously.